Be Cool. Get Pre-Approved.

Be Cool. Get Pre-Approved.

alot cooler if you did

1. Getting Pre-Approved tells you & your Realtor the maximum we, the Lender, are likely to loan you; and that helps you narrow down your home search to affordable properties.

2. Getting Pre-Approved gives you an idea of what your monthly payments would be. When we send you your Pre-Approval Letter, we also give you a break down of your Principal, Interest, Taxes, & Insurance payments are as well as show you your estimated cash to close. This way you are fully confident during your house hunting. 

3. Getting Pre-Approved gives you more credibility with real estate agents and sellers. Some agents and many home sellers won’t take you seriously or even let you inside to see a listing until you have a  Pre-Approval letter in hand. They don’t want to waste their time, or yours.

4. Getting Pre-Approved ensures that you don’t miss out on the “perfect home” if you wait until you find “the perfect home” to apply…because the buyer who is Pre-Approved will get the first shot at “the perfect home.” (PS, there are no perfect homes). 

5. Getting Pre-Approved means you get to take advantage of these incredibly, historically, insanely LOW rates!  And, hey, if your circumstances don’t qualify you for the lowest interest rates, your Pre-Approval can show you how to best use your financial circumstances in the most effective way-not only for contract negotiations but also your financial goals. 

If you’re ready to go House Hunting, then you better call your Mama! Your Mortgage Mama, that is.  Give us a ring or CLICK HERE to start your Pre-Approval process.r

Alright, alright alright,


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